School Volunteers

Making a Positive Difference!

It is astounding how many different kinds of volunteers we have at PBES, but we know and appreciate all of them. Our volunteers assist teachers in the classroom, staff special events like field day, sell sno–cones on Fridays, organize our various fundraisers, assist with Math Superstars, provide assistance in writing skills, and make classroom presentations.

If you want to volunteer, please contact us. All volunteers must attend a special volunteer training session. Please make arrangements for younger siblings on the days you plan to help. Be sure to sign in at the office and receive your volunteer badge so we can maintain an accurate count of volunteer hours.

Volunteer Guidelines
  • Read Escambia County School District’s Volunteer Handbook and complete a required application (Form 005). All volunteers must attend a training program each year.
  • For security reasons, you should always wear a nametag. The school secretary will give you one when you sign in.
  • Always sign in at the office. Record your time in and out and total hours worked so that we can tally volunteer hours. If you do volunteer work offsite please records those hours as well.
  • Do not bring younger children with you when you volunteer. Our Risk Management Office does not permit this because of liability concerns. This policy also applies to field trips and class parties.
  • The maximum time that a parent can volunteer in the classroom of their own child on a regular basis is three hours per week. Classroom teachers will make arrangements with parents for their volunteer needs.
  • Teachers are responsible for the discipline of students. If you have a problem, please tell the teacher.
  • Be aware that things you see or hear in the school setting are confidential and should not be discussed outside the school staff. If you see something at school that concerns you, please talk to the appropriate staff member who can address the issue.
  • Please do not “conference” with your child’s teacher during volunteer hours. What was intended as a quick chat can end up taking too much time away from the teacher’s instructional plans.
  • Do not check your child out early to leave when you are finished volunteering. Early checkouts are disruptive to the class.
  • Please be reliable. Teachers depend on their volunteers to show up on their assigned day. If you have an emergency that prevents you from coming, please call the school office at (850) 934–4020 to leave a message for the teacher.
  • If you volunteer for something and find you do not enjoy your assignment, please let us know so we can find you another “job”. If you want to volunteer and have not been contacted, please check with Mrs. Bredesen or the principal.

Thank you for being a volunteer!