School Volunteers

Making a Positive Difference!

Our volunteers support our school in many ways. They are committed to making our school the best it can be! Many opportunities are available for volunteers to share their time, talents, and experiences with our students.

If you want to volunteer, please contact us at (850) 934-4020. All volunteers must set up an account in our Raptor System and complete the Volunteer Application and Affidavit of Good Moral Character form.

It is recommended that volunteers read Escambia County School District’s Volunteer handbook. This document may be found on the ECSD web page under the Community Involvement Office Department.

Volunteer Guidelines:

● For safety reasons, you must check into our Raptor System and wear a name tag. The office manager will give you one when you sign in.

●Volunteers must be 21 years of age or older4. Teachers will determine how many volunteers are needed for the events.

●A student may have no more than 1 volunteer to accompany him/her on a field trip.

● Please do not bring younger children with you when you volunteer. Younger children may interrupt class procedures, disrupt the students, and prevent the volunteer from giving his/her full attention to the task. In addition, younger children may be a liability to the school. This policy applies to field trips and class parties.

● As a volunteer, you may have access to “privileged information” which naturally, should be treated as such. “ Privileged information” is defined as (but not limited to) personal records, grades, test scores, behavior and attitude of students. This is important school business and should never be discussed outside of school.

● Confidentiality: Classroom work with students is always confidential. A volunteer must not divulge information to which he or she may have access. This includes all social media platforms.

● Criticizing school personnel and practices is not acceptable.

● Medication: Volunteers are NOT permitted to administer medication to students.

● Teachers are responsible for the discipline of students. If you have a problem, please tell the teacher.

● Please do not check your child out early to leave when you are finished volunteering. Early checkouts are disruptive to the class.

● All accidents that occur when a student is under your supervision should be reported to the supervising teacher immediately. It is the school’s responsibility to document the accident and contact the parent(s).

● If you have a situation that prevents you from volunteering, please contact the teacher directly or call the school office at 850 934 4020.