Visitors Guide to Pensacola Beach

Pensacola Beach Pier

Pensacola Beach Pier

If you want the best, and I mean the BEST trip, please come to the place we call Pensacola Beach. We have the world’s whitest sand on our beach. We offer special family events and activities, and our restaurants rock! The beach is a wonderful place to be. You can walk for miles and collect a bucketful of colorful shells. Every Tuesday night from May to September there is a Bands on the Beach Concert. Get with your friends and talk, while listening to the grooving music. There’s the fishing pier too. It’s a nice place to fish or just take a walk (bring some cash because there is a charge). The best family event of the year and my favorite is the Blue Angels Show. Every year in July they bring the roaring sounds to the beach. If you don’t know who they are you’ve got to be crazy! They’re the wonderful planes that do tricks at exhilarating speeds and some give you the chills as they go by. They fly by the main parking lot at Casino Beach where the big beach ball is.

If you want to go to a great restaurant, Sidelines Sports Bar is excellent. You can enjoy eating with your buddies and watch a playoff game. The buffalo wings are great for an appetizer. You might also enjoy dinner with the view of the Sound at Flounder’s. It’s a wonderful place for kids and it is right on the beach to enjoy the sunset.

Pensacola Beach offers a variety of activities. If you want to enjoy the view way up high go parasailing and see the whole beach. I tried it and it was awesome. A helicopter ride is another way to enjoy the view. It’s expensive but worth it. The funny cars and scooters are available to rent to have fun driving on the beach. You do have to be sixteen to drive both. Then there is always Putt-Putt golf and a video arcade.

There are so many things to do on Pensacola Beach that it is not even funny. If I could explain it all I would. There is a lot to do if you are bored, so you are not going to be bored! Please visit Pensacola Beach. I guarantee you will have the most wonderful trip you could imagine.

(The 5th grade students in Mrs. Pitts’ class at Pensacola Beach Elementary School were given a writing assignment to write a visitors guide for the island. This Guide was written by Tyler Burke.)