General Information

Pensacola Beach Elementary School offers a wide range of communication with parents. Graded papers and citizenship reports are sent home on a weekly basis. Mid–term progress reports are available on FOCUS.  Report cards are sent home at the end of the grading period. Teachers send home class newsletters and parent letters to inform them of units of study and special events in which parent participation is needed. The PTA provides planners to the students. Teachers and parents communicate through the planners on a daily basis when necessary.  Teachers use several apps to communicate, as well.  In addition, the PTA has a Facebook page that advises parents on all school activities. 

Each member of the staff has an email account and parents can communicate with their child’s teacher this way. Through all of these modes of communication we seek to help parents understand that they can come to school, for a visit, or for assistance from their teacher, and/or the principal, on a formal as well as informal basis.

The School Public Accountability Report (SPAR) contains several types of data (indicators) designed to inform parents and the general public about the progress of Florida’s public schools. This report meets public reporting requirements and provides certain additional information of interest on the status of Florida’s schools.