School Hours

School Hours
Monday through Thursday: 7:45 am – 2:40 pm
Friday: 7:45 am – 11:45 am
Drop Off
  • Children may be dropped off starting at 7:30.  Students are to proceed to their classroom. 
  • The first bell will ring at 7:30.  Children should be in their classroom before the 7:45 am tardy bell. 
  • Students arriving after 7:45 am must be signed in by their parent in the office and receive a tardy slip.
Pick Up
  • Bus riders, walkers, bikers, and after care students are dismissed at 2:40 pm (11:45 am on Fridays)
  • Car riders are dismissed at 2:45pm.  Teachers will lead their car riding students to the front of the school.
If a child is not picked up in a timely manner at the end of school they will be sent to the after care program.

Absences and Tardies
Excused absences are for illness or emergencies. Out-of-town trips are considered unexcused absences. A child may make up work for the first five unexcused absences, but after that they will receive zeroes for all missed work. In other words, please don’t plan vacations on school days.

Please remember that when your child has been sick and returns to school you need to send the teacher a written note, dated and signed, that indicates your child was absent due to sickness. The same will apply if the student is absent due to serious illness or death in the family. The absence will then be changed from unexcused to an excused absence.

Students are marked tardy if they are not in the classroom when the bell rings at 7:45. If a student is late due to a medical appointment, a parent must come to the office with them when they check in and relay this information to the office staff. The tardy will then be excused.

Students are expected to remain in school the entire instructional day.  Please limit tardiness and early dismissals as the will only be excused for the reasons listed below.

  • Excused Absences include:
    • Illness or injury of the child (excessive absences for illness may require additional documentation)
    • Quarantine by the Health Department
    • Death in the IMMEDIATE family
    • Medical or dental appointment
    • Court or Administratve proceedings for which the student is required to be present
    • Religious observance* – prior administrative approval of absence is required
    • Visit to the parent/guardian who is being deployed or who is returning from a tour of duty in the military