Yearbook Coordinator:  Christine Brewster

The yearbook is created through Picaboo.

Picaboo Yearbooks provides the opportunity for your family to easily create a custom back cover, plus unlimited custom photo pages–instantly making your yearbook relevant, meaningful and valuable to your child.

Access Yearbook Store front:

Deadline to complete personalization and order :  TBD


The Yearbook Storefront is accessible either here on  PBES website  or on Shutterfly under ‘Helpful Links’.

General Info

You have choices of three book covers : Soft, Hard or eYearbook (prices are on the Storefront).

Before diving into personalizing. We  strongly recommend watching  Picaboo Video Tutorial on how to create an account and Personalize.

For those parents with more than one child at the school. You DO NOT need to create another account. See picture below on where to click to add another book to your account.

Please note you will NOT have access to any of the pictures that the yearbook is using.

Your personal pages are intended for your personal pictures taken at  birthdays, sports recreations, Holidays, Spring break e.t.c. However, you are most welcome to add any pictures you may have taken of your child at a school event, to your personal page.  Again, please watch the tutorial on how to add photos to your pages.


If you have any questions or simply stuck please contact Picaboo Support.  You are most welcome to email me but I do not have access to your Personal Pages.

Enjoy Creating!